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We scour the globe for the latest trending items, fast fashion, and cool unique gifts for everyone. We spend our time on finding the best stuff and then making sure you get it for the best possible price.

From Our Founder

Hi! I’m Pracha and Baby Size is my ‘business sugar’.

I grew up in Florida but left my home of Thailand to go to school at Jacksonville State University. Since then, I have had a lasting love affair with not just the USA but with my husband, who I met at Jacksonville.

After the arrival of our baby Amena in 2017, I took a step away from the Waitress lifestyle that had seen me running between Florida  and Alabama during the  summer. Moving to Georgia, where I am now based, I found so much joy in being a full-time mom and being able to get to know my little girl.

It was during this time that I noticed a lack of unique and special baby clothes, and things to help me as a mom. I love things that are pretty and sweet… but all I could find was glitter and princess, princess, princess!

The pieces that I did really love - gorgeous vintage baby clothes, stylish baby headbands and cute retro onesies came with a problem - the price tag!

That’s when I had the idea to source my own baby clothes and set up a store that is just for moms like me. You know what I’m talking about… we love the fashion but we also love a bargain! 

Along the way, I discovered not just a selection of unique baby clothes (no princess crowns in sight!), but also some delightful and unusual baby decor and the list of what we have to offer has grown from there!

The result is Baby Size… and I hope you love it as much as I do.

Baby Size is the perfect place to stock up on vintage-style baby clothes at a discount price or to shop for a gift for a friend or for the latest gadget you have been meaning to spoil someone with.

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